Lego Binder

Keep Instruction Manuals Stored SafelyLego instruction manuals stored in page protectors inside three ring binder

  • What: Store Lego instruction manuals
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Keep instructions handy and protected
  • Where: Amazon or any office store

Have your kids upgraded to the tiny Legos yet? My oldest son has been collecting sets for several years now, and it didn’t take long for the instruction manuals to get out of hand. We used to keep them on a shelf. Then we upgraded to a drawer. Then I finally got smart and hauled out an old three ring binder, which works much better.

I filled our binder with clear page protectors and slid the instruction books into the pockets. Then I figured out that having multiple size of page protectors improved the system. It prevented all the manuals from sliding to the bottom of the folder and having a really wide bottom and nothing at the top, which made shelf storage awkward. With the manuals more evenly distributed inside the binder, it stands up more easily, and my kids can handle it with less difficulty.

Preschooler looking at Lego instruction booklet from stored collection inside page protectors from three ring binder

My son loves to take the manuals out and peruse them.

I don’t know that we use our instruction manuals very often for instruction purposes. But all of my kids still love to flip through the binder and take manuals in and out to look at the pictures. And should we ever be able to reassemble a set, we can get a much better price secondhand if we have the instruction book to sell with the pieces. It works just as well for any Duplo books too.

Heaven forbid you ever have to reassemble a Lego construction. But at least if you do, you’ll know where to the find the instruction book if not the bricks needed.

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