Deluxe Doll Stroller

Liss City Stroller in hot pink with rainbow dot shade converts to pushchair

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Stroll in Style

Liss City Stroller in hot pink with rainbow dot shade converts to pushchair
  • What: Pro Deluxe Doll Stroller
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Upgrade your doll’s ride
  • Where: Amazon

For my daughter’s fourth birthday, we upgraded from her basic doll stroller to this deluxe version she had wanted for months after seeing a similar picture in a catalog. Two years later, she and her friends still love it and it works great.

HushLily Convertible Doll Luxury Stroll on Amazon

Our Lissi City Stroller version has traveled on multiple trips outside to the park and for walks along urban sidewalks. The carriage can be used flat like a pram, or it can be converted with some simple straps and snaps to an upright sitting position. We’ve had everything from Baby Stella to Cabbage Patch to hard plastic dolls riding in it. My daughter even likes to double up, and put one doll in the stroller and one underneath in the basket.

Adjustable handle on city deluxe doll stroller
The handle adjust height by pushing the pink buttons. It also reverses direction by pushing both buttons on either side further down.

The reversible handle means the stroller can be pushed from either direction in either flat or upright mode. Ours also has an adjustable angle on the handlebar to get the height just right. The shade moves up and down, and ours came with an included bag that coordinates as well.

Wheel treads on lissi deluxe convertible adjustable doll stroller
The treads and swiveling front wheels means this stroller can handle any terrain.

The handling on this stroller is almost as good as my actual stroller for infants. It will glide effortlessly over any ground thanks to swiveling front wheels, and the treads on all four wheels can handle any terrain. We’ve used our mostly inside, but it has seen plenty of outdoor adventures as well as multiple enthusiastic young drivers.

Doll strapped into upright sitting position on Lissi city stroller
The straps loop through plastic rings to keep dolls secure.

The seat straps for dolls don’t have a buckle. Instead they thread through the plastic white loops, which my daughter still has trouble with on some days. She certainly couldn’t do that herself at age four. You can remove the fabric for washing, though despite several stains I’ve never tried that. The fabric on the storage part underneath can drag the ground if it gets overloaded (which is often in our household).

Child pushing Lissi stroller on sidewalk
Our stroller has gone on countless excursions.

For the price point, this stroller has outlasted my expectations compared to more expensive brand name types that don’t include any additional features. I’m not sure how much longer it will last, but I suspect my daughter will lose interest before it breaks down, and another lucky kid will get miles of enjoyment out of it, too.

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