FBI Child ID

Never Miss an OpportunityFBI Child ID logo opening screen

  • What: FBI Child ID App
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Store your kid’s info to distribute in emergencies
  • Where: Any app store

I hope you and I never need this app. But in the interest of preparation, download the FBI Child ID app immediately. You can fill out all the information, and if your kid goes missing at the playground or the mall, it helps tremendously. Not only do you have a recent photo of your kid, but it has everything organized in a clear, concise manner to help other people help you.

FBI Child ID logo opening screen

This app lets you record data in a simple format for use if your child goes missing.

The FBI developed their Child ID App to help parents distribute information about their child should they ever disappear. Even if it’s only a matter of hours, the identifying information, such as birthmarks and scars, can help any law enforcement or security officers locate your kid. You also record parental info and home address and phone number, as well as an updated photo of each kid. It has no limit to the number of children that can be added, so it works great for grandparents and other caregivers as well.

FBI Child ID app screen shot of identifying charateristics

The app lets you add photos of your child and any identifying marks they have.

It includes safety tips and checklist of what to do if your child goes missing, as well as multiple places to store photos of identifying marks your child has. Anything from birthmarks to moles to scars or missing teeth can help other people positively identify your missing kid.  I try to update the photos every time we have a check up to keep it all up to date. I’ve yet to use the app for anything but recording their details, but I sleep better at night knowing I have it handy.

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