Foam Bed Topper

Four inch yellow foam bed topper on queen bed mattress

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Luxury Lounging

Four inch yellow foam bed topper on queen bed mattress
  • What: 4 Inch Foam Bed Topper
  • When: Pregnancy until college
  • Why: Better sleep
  • Where: Amazon

Welcome to parenthood! I decided to do a post for parent products, instead of products parents might use for their kids. And my number one recommendation? Get yourself a foam bed topper.

Linenspa 4 Inch Gel Swirl Foam Memory Topper on Amazon

The number one thing new parents need is sleep. And anything that makes sleep better, even when you don’t get enough of it, rates high for me. I slept on a foam bed topper when visiting someone, and it changed my world. If you have back pain from the infant car seat or lugging your toddler, a better bed makes all the difference. I know other people who swear by their foam toppers, which also helped sell me on the idea. Less pain and better sleep equals a much happier mama in our house.

And even a crappy mattress feels like luxury with four inches of foam on top. We didn’t switch our mattress or anything else, but tossed the foam on top. My husband finds it a bit warm for his taste, so your results may vary. But it relieves the pressure points (hello sore pelvis!) and makes the simple act of laying down feel luxurious.

Foam bed topper on mattress
Four inches of foam on any mattress feels heavenly.

If you’re smarter than me, you’ll get one of these by the third trimester, when sleep really becomes a gamble. After delivery, the only place I wanted to hang out with my newborn was bed. I fixated on it, and the sleep I wasn’t getting.

If you co-sleep, take a break from the foam topper. I took my foam topper off, folded (really more like wrestled) it into quarters, and shoved it under my bed until my infants graduated from my bed to their own sleeping arrangements. But I’m paranoid about things like soft surfaces and suffocation.

I did a happy dance each time I could dust off my foam topper and put it back on my bed, and I’ve yet to part with it (not only because of limited space under the bed). It may not eliminate all your pain or give you more sleep, but what you get will feel much higher quality. And parents in particular can’t put a price on that.

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