My Very First Concept Board Books

Flip Pages to Match and LearnMy Very First Book of Shapes and Colors by Eric Carle

  • What: My Very First Books by Eric Carle
  • When: 6 months to four years
  • Why: Learn shapes and colors
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to reinforce learning concepts like colors, shapes, or numbers? These novel board books have split pages, so kids can flip the separate parts of a page to find the correct match.

Each page has a word on the upper left with the corresponding shape, color, number, or other item directly across from it. Below, the split pages allow for flipping through all the pages, until they find a match in the bottom section.

Inside split pages of My Very First Book of Colors by Eric Carle

Kids match the word and color at the top to the correctly colored item at the bottom.

Kids can also hold the bottom pages in place and find the matching word and illustration on the top pages, so the fun works in both directions. With only one word per page spread, It also helps older kids learn simple words for the same concepts, so the learning can continue for even longer.

Blue bird and blue page sample from My Very First Book of Colors by Eric Carle

Flip back and forth to find the right match.

These books come in a variety of topics, including the two we own, colors“>colors and shapes, as well as words, numbers, food, animal sounds, and motion. You can also get a set with four of the most popular titles.

Featuring the same colorful illustrations as Carle’s hugely popular The Very Hungry Caterpillar, these books have bright bold pictures and simple black text to keep the focus on fun and learning.

Page spread of watermelon and semicircle match from My Very First Book of Shapes by Eric Carle

Match the silhouette with the shape.

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