Doll Bike Seat

Dolly Come Ride With Me baby doll bike seat in hot pink with heart cutouts and Velcro straps

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Buckle Up Companions for a Ride

Dolly Come Ride With Me baby doll bike seat in hot pink with heart cutouts and Velcro straps
  • What: Dolly Come Ride with Me Bike Seat
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Take dolls and stuffed animals along on bike rides
  • Where: Amazon

If you have a child who loves bikes and baby dolls, hook them up with this affordable plastic doll bike seat. It fits onto the seat post of most bicycles, from toddler size to big kid bikes.

DRBIKE Baby Doll Bike Seaton Amazon

The Velcro straps mean it can adjust to accommodate almost any doll or stuffed animal. We’ve used it with a variety of sizes of dolls, from Baby Stella to Cabbage Patch to our most recent obsession, Baby Alive. Hard or soft, big or small, it can take dolls along for the ride.

baby doll and stuffed animal bike seat
This pink bike seat can attach to almost any bike.

The top straps go over the doll’s head, and can adjust to fit looser or tighter. We leave those in the same position most of the time. The bottom white strap lifts up and threads through the center plastic piece. It creates a three point harness with infinite adjustability, but with closures simple enough for toddlers to handle. It can easily accommodate most stuffed animals as well.

Baby doll bike seat attachment
The two pieces separate entirely to fit around almost any seat post. We use zip ties instead of screws when the seat is in the lowest position.

It attaches with screws to the pole underneath the bike seat. If, like us, your bike seat is in the lowest position, you might not have room for the attachment and a reflector. We used zip ties to get around that issue, until our girl grows a bit bigger and a higher seat height reveals more post real estate. On her smaller bike, with a higher seat, we had no trouble using the screws.

Baby alive doll african american in bike seat buckled in
Almost any doll or stuffed animal can fit into the adjustable Velcro straps.

The pink plastic doesn’t feel like it would hold up, yet it has lasted without many marks for years in our household, We’ve even used zip ties instead of screws to attach it, so we could keep the seat in the lowest position. We used it on a twelve inch wheel bike, a 16 inch wheel bike, and will soon upgrade it to 20 inch wheels. That alone tells you how long it lasts – longer than the bike for young kids!

Preschooler on 12 inch wheel bike with baby doll seat attached in rear
My daughter riding her 12 inch wheel bike and carrying her lunchbox in the doll seat.

We’ve had this seat for at least two years, and despite regular outdoor use in all kinds of weather and storage in our dirty garage (i’m not kidding our garage has dirt floors), it looks brand new. It hasn’t warped or faded, and has made my daughter and her playmates happy on countless occasions as they take their beloved babies along on their bikes.

child riding bike with baby strapped into seat over back wheel
My daughter riding her 16 inch wheel bike with a baby in the seat.

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