Noisy Touchy Feely Books

Usborne noisy touchy feely books This is my monster This is My Car with noise button

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Touch and Sound Board Books

Usborne noisy touchy feely books This is my monster This is My Car with noise button
  • What: Noisy Touchy Feely Books from Usborne
  • When: 6 months to 4 years
  • Why: Interactive, encourages fine motor skills and sensory development
  • Where: Usborne or anywhere you can find a copy

You’ve heard me rave about Touch and Feel books and how much my kids love them. And I can never get enough of Usborne books. But if you want to add yet another sensory dimension to reading with your little one, check out these noisy touchy feely books from their board book collection.

This Is My Duck board book on Amazon

Each book comes with a button in the lower right hand corner that can be pushed to make an appropriate noise. We own both This Is My Car and This Is My Monster, much to the delight of my kids. Each page of these books on Amazon showcases a different topic, be it diggers, dinosaurs, or ducks. Unlike some of their other noisy books, it has only one button, which can be accessed from any page, including the cover. Young kids have no confusion about which button goes with which image, and love hearing the same sound repeat. The cause and effort pleases them to no end, too.

Inside This Is My Car noisy touch and feel book by Usborne bright red paint
Each page has a different texture to explore along with the sound button.

These books retail around $17, so don’t pay more unless you really need it. They can be hard to find, even on the Usborne site itself, depending on which country you’re in. Other versions on Amazon include tractor, kitten, puppy and robot, all with the corresponding noise button and lots of textures.

Last page from This Is My Monster by Usborne with texture
The last page reviews all the textures from the other pages.

The only downside? You can’t replace the batteries in these books. We’ve had This Is My Car for more than five years, and the sound makes only one or two beeps  on the first page, with less and less the more often it gets pushes. Luckily the touch and feel lasts forever, so if you spot one of these books, grab it before it’s gone.

Back cover of This Is My Car by Usborne board book
It says on the back cover that the batteries can’t be replaced.

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