Summer Fun Essentials

Sunscreen, portable diaper wipes case, reusable bag, washcloth, and hand sanitizer collage

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Necessities for Warmer Months

Sunscreen, portable diaper wipes case, reusable bag, washcloth, and hand sanitizer collage

  • What: Sunscreen, wipes, washcloth, sanitizer, bag
  • When: During long summer days with kids
  • Why: Limit sun exposure and messes
  • Where: Your neighborhood

In addition to our fun summer stuff, I also keep a few necessities underneath the stroller. That way I don’t have to remember so much stuff when I herd three kids out of the house for fun in the sun.

Sunscreen, wash cloth, plastic wipes case, hand sanitizer, and reusable bag on floor
I keep sunscreen, a wash cloth, a plastic case of wipes, hand sanitizer, and a reusable bag underneath my stroller.

Because I believe in sunscreen and limiting sun exposure, I almost always have a container of sunscreen less than a year old that I leave parked underneath the stroller. That means if the kids change into swim stuff, or shed layers once we get outside, I can sunscreen any additional exposed skin on the go without having to think about packing it.

I care so much about sunscreen that I keep a smaller stick in my personal bag as well. That way even if we end up at the park after school without a stroller, I can slather them in sunscreen and not fret about skin cancer.

Sunscreen, cloth, wipes case, and bag stored underneath Bugaboo Frog stroller in orange
Four of these things live underneath the stroller in the storage there.

Wipes also live in both the stroller and my bag. Despite having passed the diaper stage by more than a year, I still find them handy for sticky ice cream hands, dirty fingernails after digging up grubs, and that weird primordial ooze that I can’t even tell where my kids found it. Wipes work great for sanitizing surfaces as well as removing sticky stuff from almost anything, and clean up spills and other messes, too.

I also firmly believe in the value of hand sanitizer. I have relaxed a bit with my usage, unlike when my kids were little and put their hands in their mouth constantly. But I find, especially at crowded indoor places like museums and events, that having some on hand makes me feel better even if it doesn’t do anything. I keep some hanging in a small travel sized bottle on the stroller as well as in my bag.

Hand sanitizer travel size bottle hanging from bag hook on stroller
I keep refilling this handy size container with sanitizer to have on the go.

I toss a plain old washcloth underneath there, too. In addition to the wipes, it provides a dry surface for who knows what. I originally included it when during the infant stage for a burp cloth, to attempt to remove the urp decoration from my clothes and theirs when out and about. But I found it useful for so many other things, like wiping noses in the winter or sweat in the summer, that I keep right on leaving one in there. It can dry off playground equipment or kids in a pinch, without all the bulk of a full sized towel.

Finally, I like to keep a reusable bag or two under there. It means if the kids find some treasure they can’t live without, I don’t have to argue about leaving it or carry it home myself. Bags always come in handy at the store, whether I planned to stop or not. In a pinch, I can collect other smaller items like snacks and water bottles or trash and keep them contained, in case the under stroller area fills up with toys or chairs or other items. I always have a stroller hook with me as well (that goes without saying so it isn’t included in this list), and I can hang the bag on the hook to increase my storage and carrying capacity with very little effort on my part.

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