Mighty Dads Book

Mighty Dads construction vehicle board book by Joan Holub

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Building Bonds with Dad

Mighty Dads construction vehicle board book by Joan Holub
  • What: Mighty Dads board book
  • When: 6 months to 4 years
  • Why: Great book about all types of dads
  • Where: Amazon

I got my husband this book to read with our youngest child, who’s obsessed with construction of all types. (It probably doesn’t hurt that we have a giant pit and pile of dirt for a backyard during our current remodeling project, though he’s been fully obsessed long before we had our own personal construction site.) He hasn’t parted with it yet, and at three and half years old, sleeps with it regularly.

Mighty Dads board book on Amazon

I guess it ended up as a present for my preschooler, but I still love the sweet message inside. Each page features a different type of construction vehicle in both large and small sizes, along with text highlighting all the fun ways dads contribute. The smaller trucks are both male and female, so any kid can relate to exploring and working with dad.

Concrete mixer page from Mighty Dads board book
Each page features a different pair of construction vehicles.

Illustrated by the same artist, James Dean, as the popular Pete the Cat series, you might recognize the bright colors and cartoon illustration style. Joan Holub complements the adorable illustrations by highlighting all the ways dad support their kids, from hugs to help.

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