Electronics Organizer and Charging Station

Charging Without the ClutterG.U.S. Multi device charging station with drawer black leatherette with white stitching

  • What: Charging Station Dock and Organizer
  • When: Birth to graduation
  • Why: Keep cords contained, corral electronics
  • Where: Amazon

I don’t know about you, but after having three kids in four years, I feel like my organization skills have sunk to almost nonexistent. I got so tired of trying to beat my husband to the only phone charger either of us could find that I bought this little electronic organizer.

Now I store all the cords and bits and chargers we need for all sorts of electronic devices in here. The drawer keeps the cords out of sight when not in use, which makes me feel a dozen times calmer. Because I only keep the current ones in here, it also means I spend less of my valuable time hunting for what I need.

Electronics multi device charging station

We store several chargers in and on this docking station.

The shelf holds chargers too big to fit in the drawer, and the top area can support an entire charging base. It also features cut outs for power cords in the back, so you don’t have to look at a mess of cords either, even when charging devices.

Electronics drawer of cords and chargers

The drawer corrals our cord chaos.

The drawer can be pulled out to the front or side, so it works great for tight spaces. I added ours in the kitchen on the countertop where we usually had a charger plugged into the wall. Now it doubles as a charging station for just about anything from phones to handheld media devices to fitness trackers and more. It also keeps cords safely out of sight and reach of little hands. I bundle excess lengths and tie them off with a twist tie or a rubber band to cut down on tangling.

charging cord cut outs in drawer stand

The drawer (or stand depending on how you use it) has cut outs to allow cords to come out.

I’ve been using this device for years, based solely on the amount of dust collected on and around it. I love it, and I only just this moment discovered it’s intended to be used upright. So clearly you can use it horizontally, like we do, or it can take up even less space and hold even more electronics vertically to charge. (Suddenly those cable cut outs on the side of the drawer make so much more sense!) After closer inspection, if you use the charging station the correct way, the drawer becomes more of a stand. It can still store the same amount of cords, but it gets much harder to access. I doubt we will be flipping ours around any time soon, but I highly recommend this organizer and charging station no matter which way you use it.

We might still fight over who gets to charge their phone first, but at least we know where to run to be first in line for charging up.

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