Clif Kid Z Bars

Clif Z Bar box front bulk 36 pack

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Feed the Zoo on the Go

Clif Z Bar box front bulk 36 pack

  • What: Clif Kid Z Bars
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Organic, packable, and tasty
  • Where: Amazon or anywhere in bulk

My kids eat Z bars like candy. That may be because they taste like candy, and come in flavors like chocolate, chocolate chip, iced lemon cookie, and iced oatmeal cookie. But I feel much better about feeding them Z bars than candy or cookies or other junk.

Clif Z Bars Variety Pack 36 Bars on Amazon

Each Z bar comes in a pack just the right size for kids, in other words somewhat smaller than their full size bars for men and women (Hello Luna bars!!!). I used to carry a Luna bar with me everywhere for three pregnancies as emergency rations, and my kids love these Z bars as much as I love my Luna bars.

I have yet to meet any kid who turns down one of these bars. My kids would eat one for every meal and snack if I would let them. The individually packaged bars make great snacks out and about, and I have yet to have one overheat into a melty mess. Nor do I have to worry about keeping them cool or going bad, since they never last long enough to expire in our household.

Box of 36 Clif Z Bars variety pack chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, and iced oatmeal cookie
We buy Z Bars in bulk.

We buy them in bulk boxes of 36 bars in three different flavors. If you want to try them out, you can find them at most grocery stores in boxes of five or six, depending on the flavor. Some places even carry individual bars, though obviously the more you buy at once, the less it costs.

All three of my kids, from ages three to almost eight, will gobble these things and have for years. The soft texture works as soon as they can chew their own food, yet it doesn’t feel like baby food for older kids. My kids can’t agree on any food, even pizza or pasta, yet they all go bananas for these bars.

Iced Lemon Cookie Clif Z Bar box
The Iced Lemon Cookie flavor comes with six in a box.

Clif Z Bars are made with no nuts from organic ingredients. Each bar has 10-12 grams of whole grains along with two grams of protein and 10 to 11 grams of sugar. They contain soy, and may contain wheat or traces of milk, but otherwise work great for kids with restricted diets.

I’ve been known to stash one or two for myself as well. They make lovely breakfasts on the go when I don’t have time to pull out my immersion blender and need to eat in the car or on the sly with no utensils.

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