Window Markers

Crayola 25 pack of mini markers for windows

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More Art, Less Mess

Crayola 25 pack of mini markers for windows

  • What: Crayola Window Markers
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Practice writing skills on a vertical surface
  • Where: Amazon

Got some time on your hands and want to keep your kids busy during weekends or school break? While markers may have lost their novelty, these window markers can captivate kids and inspire creativity all over again.

Crayola Window Markers on Amazon

We got started with these markers at a friend’s house when my son was 3 years old. He loved them so much, I went home and immediately ordered some for our own house. The basic set comes with eight different colors. Yellow didn’t show up on our windows as well as some of the other shades, but that may depend on what you see outside your window.

Mini and regular window markers from Crayola shown side by side on wooden floor
These window markers come in mini, regular and (not shown) mega sizes.

My kids colored on our big window in the main room as well as the window in the front door and any other glass surface they could reach. Now they can reach the mirrors in the bathroom to deck them out as well.

Window marker in blue scribbled on window
Even scribbles look cool on glass.

As an added bonus, these markers make beautiful art even from the most basic scribbles with the light shining through them. But they don’t clutter up the house, or even show up obtrusively. I don’t even have to feel bad for recycling their creations, since we can wipe them off and start all over again.

Crayola window markers in green, brown, and blue laying on wooden floor
Only a few of our original set remain.

We used ours so much (and lost a few lids behind pieces of furniture or in other never never lands in our house) that they ran out of ink or dried out. Once we got down to only a few colors, it didn’t take long for them to run out of ink. I hadn’t reinvested more than once, but the new batch brought just as much joy. Decorating time has come again, and for this round I bought the bigger 25 color set now that my kids have developed some serious art skills. Besides, my fridge and my string art display suffer from overcrowding, and we might as well take advantage of the summer sunshine in as many ways as possible while we can.

Dragonfly stencil colored on glass with window markers
A dragonfly my daughter added to one of our windows.

Despite my fears, my kids did not extend this fun to writing on my walls or anywhere else, when they were younger. I kept them out of reach, which probably helped limit unauthorized use more than my verbal warnings.

Crayola Washable window markers 25 pack mini markers
Our newest set comes with 25 colors and stencils as well as two sheets of window clings that can be colored.

If you like the basic colors, you can also get something called crystal effects, which I have no personal experience with, or a jumbo size of mega markers with only four colors that promises more color coverage and more ink in each marker. I’ve also expanded to the 25 color pack of mini markers, which means they run out of ink faster but I have more markers to go around for three kids. This pack also includes some stencils, though I prefer to let the kids use their imaginations.

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