Little Elliot, Big City

Little Elliot Big City picture book for kids by Mike Curato

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The Elephant in the Room

Little Elliot Big City picture book for kids by Mike Curato
  • What: Little Elliot, Big City book
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Sweet, fun read
  • Where: Amazon

If you haven’t sat down with this sweet read from Mike Curato, check out Little Elliot,  Big City next time you hit the library or bookstore. Little Elliot’s a polka dot elephant with antics and adventures that never fail to connect with kids and adults alike.

Little Elliot, Big City

Elliot, whose size defies his species, encounters trouble in his everyday life because of his small stature. But he doesn’t let his differences overwhelm him. With his positive outlook on life, he goes looking for a treat and finds something else entirely.

This quick read offers full page pictures with minimal text, which make it a fast read before bedtime or when time gets tight. But with plenty to talk about on each page, you can spend as much time as feels right exploring with your child and what piques their interest. It comes as a full sized picture book, so we leave our copy at home except for rare (fit throwing) occasions.

Little Elliot Big City Elliot tries to buy a cupcake page illustration
Little Elliot doesn’t let difficulties get in his way.

With its sweet illustrations that harken to an earlier day and time, Elliot reminds readers to focus on the simple things in life, while delighting little ears everywhere with his adventurous nature and sweet rewards.

If you can’t get enough of Elliot, check out his other adventures in Little Elliot, Big Fun, Little Elliot, Big Family, Little Elliot, Fall Friends, and Merry Christmas, Little Elliot, all on Amazon. Each book offers a sweet message about overcoming adversities and handling feelings common to everyone. You can read the books in any order, though Little Elliot and Big City features the story of how the two main characters become friends.

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