Butterfly Pedals

Kidzamo pink butterfly kid bike pedals replacement

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Kidzamo pink butterfly kid bike pedals replacement
  • What: Kidzamo Butterfly Pedals for kids’ bikes
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Personalize their ride
  • Where: Amazon

We spotted these Kidzamo butterfly pedals at our local bike shop, and my daughter fell in love immediately. She doesn’t have a huge obsession with butterflies, but she loved the pink color and the idea of adding more bling to her bike – something she definitely adores.

Kiszamo Butterfly Pedals on Amazon

These thick pedals have rounded edges, so they pose less of a hazard for injury. The pink color and fun shape make them appealing to kids. We had the bike shop install ours, but it only took a few minutes, and could’ve been done at home, too. The wide non skid surface helps keeps kids feet from slipping off.

Pink butterfly pedals installed on girls kid bike
Our butterfly pedals installed on my daughter’s bike.

They make an easy way to personalize and upgrade a bike purchased used, or worse to some kids, handed down from an older sibling. We’ve had our pedals more than a year, and they have held up very well to regular biking, bumps into various obstacles, transporting with other bikes, and even supporting the entire weight of the bike or serving as the point of impact on rough surfaces.

Butterfly Pedals 2
The butterflies can rotate in either direction just like a regular pedal.

You can use these pedals to accessorize any of their bikes with pedals. You can also move them from bike to bike as they grow bigger, though we haven’t tried to migrate ours yet. They have the standard reflectors built in on both sides for extra safety despite the unusual shape. The butterflies spin freely on the axle, like a regular pedal.

Reflector on side of Kidzamo pink butterfly kid pedal
Each side of the butterfly has a reflector tucked into it.

In case your kid doesn’t love pink or butterflies, the same brand makes a green dinosaur footprint pedal as well.

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