Car Cling Shade

Sliding door of minivan with car cling shade installed

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Limit Sunlight With Less Hassle

Sliding door of minivan with car cling shade installed

  • What: Car Cling Shade
  • When: Birth until they peel it off
  • Why: Keep cars cooler, easy cleaning and installation, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Speaking of windows and decorations, we installed these window shades to the windows in our family car when my son was an infant. Each pack includes two sheets of cling film with a dark tint to them.

Car Sun 2 Pack Shade on Amazon

He hated the bright light so much, that by the time he could speak, one of his most used phrases was “too bright!” Since he wouldn’t wear sunglasses often, I resorted to limiting the amount of light coming in while he faced backwards in his Britax Roundabout car seat.

Car window cling installed on window as seen from inside
You can see the difference the cling shade makes in the amount of light getting through the window.

These square window clings can be trimmed to fit almost any size window. And unlike shades that pull down and roll up, you don’t have to remember to pull them down and they don’t interfere with the window operation. Kids also take a lot longer to figure out how to work them, and they cost next to nothing and install in a snap.

Car window partially opened with cling shade installed
The cling shade sticks well but doesn’t prevent the window from rolling down or back up.

If your kids, like mine, love to decorate their car windows with things that can be tricky to remove, especially after years baking in the sun, these shades can help with that, too. Instead of having to peel twenty stickers off the window because my kid can’t see out and I can’t see in, I can take the entire window shade off in about six seconds rather than spending an afternoon and all my patience scraping off sticky residue. Instead I use up my patience telling my three year old to “use your words” and reminding my kids that they don’t hate their siblings.

Car window cling shade with stickers stuck to it
Instead of scraping the stickers off, I can remove the entire shade and add a new one.

We’re down to only one, because my then six year old started pulling his off and reattaching it. That caused it to get bunched up when he rolled the window down, another favorite car antic of his. So I removed the entire thing after I got tired of trying to unstick it from itself and get it to reattach to the window after he got it stuck. Our other one is still going strong despite radical temperature changes and lots of window openings and closings.

Car window cling shade with one corner pulled down
You can pull the entire thing off in seconds, and installing it is only slightly more complicated.

Ours came branded with a Jeep logo despite the fact that our family vehicle is about as far from a Jeep as you can get. But I consider that a small price to pay for peace during car rides. We also accidentally installed one upside down so the Jeep logo looked more like the word deer, depending on which side you saw.

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