Kids’ Gardening Set

Toysmith kids small gardening tools set with blue watering can, green shovel, blue trowel, red rake, and yellow gloves

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Turning Over New Dirt

Toysmith kids small gardening tools set with blue watering can, green shovel, blue trowel, red rake, and yellow gloves

  • What: Toysmith Small Gardening Tools Set
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable, adorable
  • Where: Amazon

We came across this Toysmith Gardening Set at a local nature center, and my son absolutely couldn’t resist it. We like supporting local small businesses and happy kids, so we came home with a new gardening set.

Discovery Toys Kids’ Garden Tools Set on Amazon

It comes with a watering can, a spade, a trowel, and a rake, as well as a pair of child sized gardening gloves. You can get other colors (we saw a green can as well), but our blue watering can came with a blue trowel, green shovel, red rake, and yellow gardening gloves to complete the color spectrum.

Toysmith kids garden tools toy set
Our set includes everything a little gardener might need except seeds.

The watering can consists of metal, while the gardening tools have metal attached firmly to natural wooden handles. So far everything has worked great for both dirt and the sand box, since our tools go well beyond gardening projects. My son has also slept with them, which means they don’t have super sharp edges.

Child wearing yellow garden gloves at table
My son wearing his yellow gardening gloves during a meal.

The gloves fit my three year old fine, but my almost eight year old can also wear them since they stretch. They have a nice jersey cloth to protect fingernails from ingrained dirt, though my son just plain likes wearing them. They could do double duty as construction gloves for more fun imaginative play, especially in the bright yellow color ours came in. If you don’t need the watering can or the gloves, you can buy the three piece garden tool set as well.

Yellow glove next to blue shovel from Toysmith
The yellow gloves, about the size of the tools, will fit my big three year old as well as my not quite eight year old.

I don’t think I would store this set outside where it could get rained upon, but otherwise I suspect it will last well past my child’s interest in it. I might even use the tools myself if I can get him to let go of them long enough.

Toysmith green shovel, red rake, and blue trowel with wooden handles
You can buy the set of three tools without the watering can and gloves.

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