Mini Coloring Pages

Crayola Whisker Haven mini coloring pages book with sheets and six mini markers

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Tiny Travel Art

Crayola Whisker Haven mini coloring pages book with sheets and six mini markers

  • What: Crayola Mini Coloring Sheets
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Portable, packable, affordable
  • Where: Amazon or on the go

I scored these Crayola Mini Coloring Pages in an airport when I flew without kids for the first time in six years. I needed a small trinket to bring home for my child, and this compact art kit fit my price point and space restrictions brilliantly.

Crayola Hello Kitt Mini Coloring Pages

Each brightly colored cardboard box contains 80 sheets of loose pictures to color along with six mini markers. The markers fit into a compartment on the left hand side of the box, which opens like a book to reveal the goodies. The right hand side holds the pages.

Crayola mini coloring pages in Whisker Haven theme
Markers on the left, coloring sheets on the right.

My daughter adores coloring in the sheets with illustrations outlined in black. She studiously completes one picture and delights in handing it over. The entire box is lightweight and will even fit into my purse. If she finishes a batch in the car or on an airplane, she can hand out her artwork to friends and family once we reach our destination and everyone goes home happy.

Whisker Haven mini coloring sheets from Crayola shown partially colored with six mini markers
Each postcard size sheet offers plenty of detail to color.

Little hands don’t have to worry about tearing pages when trying to separate them from the book or the rest of the paper pad. And they can flip through the entire stack and pick the next one to color without having to hold the others on top out of the way. The box provides enough support to color even without a hard surface, though a travel tray definitely helps.

Crayola pipsqueaks mini markers from mini coloring pages set next to regular sized markers
The mini markers shown next to regular size Crayola markers.

In case your kid doesn’t love pink and pets, these sets come in so many different characters, I can’t begin to list them all. Some examples includes Star Wars, Frozen, Doc McStuffins, and Finding Dory.

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