Sofa Arm Clip Table

Wooden sofa arm clip table shown on couch arm next to wall

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Extra Surface on the Sofa

Wooden sofa arm clip table shown on couch arm next to wall
  • What: Sofa Arm Clip Table
  • When: Before birth until you get a bigger house
  • Why: Save space, convenient, extra surface area
  • Where: Amazon

I wish I’d know these sofa arm clip tables existed years ago. The table doesn’t quite fall into the category of parenting supplies, but I would’ve had one back when we started having kids if I had known. Of course we had a different sofa during the infant urp stage, but details. While we get some serious mileage out of our sofa arm clip table now, I could’ve used it back during the infant days even more.

Wooden Sofa Arm Clip Table on Amazon

Currently, we use our side table for books, books, and more books. It hosts the occasional Pokemon card or Lego creation, but generally, books and remotes take up all the real estate.

Wooden sofa arm clip table with legs folded up and underside shown
The legs tuck neatly underneath the hexagon shape when not in use.

It measures just wide enough to go over a chunky stuffed sofa arm. If you feel tight on space or even have a huge house but find the kid stuff overrunning everything, this tiny table can give you more utility. (My coffee table used to hold remotes and magazines. Now I’m lucky if I can find a spot to put a drink down.) The legs fold flat when not in use, allowing for compact storage. The entire hexagon looks more like an American football than much else, and it isn’t obvious what to do it with when you remove it from the packaging. But once you figure it out, you can’t imagine living without it.

Sofa arm clip table leg shown installed on couch arm
The legs grip the couch, providing a stable surface for belongings.

By virtue of two spring loaded legs on either side, it gives you a stable solid wooden surface. I would dearly have loved the extra space when pumping to put the precious milk containers, or even to keep my phone handy while connected to the breast milk pump. I could also envision it being a great place to stick my phone or drink to keep it out of reach of infants. The table isn’t limited to sofas, either. It would work great on an armchair or any other piece of upholstered furniture that has wide soft arms. I wish I’d stumbled across it years ago, but I’m confident we will be using it for years to come.

Book stacked on sofa arm clip table
Our table is never empty.

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