Djeco Paper Mobiles

Blue seaplane from Djeco flights of fancy paper mobile

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Flying High Mobility

Blue seaplane from Djeco flights of fancy paper mobile
  • What: Djeco Mobiles
  • When: Birth to five years
  • Why: Lightweight, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

I got a Djeco mobile for my firstborn because of his obsession with airplanes. He couldn’t even speak and we knew about his passion for aircraft. We’ve had our mobile more than five years, and it remains in nearly mint condition.

DJECO The Jungle World Mobile on Amazon

The lightweight shapes mean that you don’t need any heavy hardware to hang these fascinating mobiles. It comes with fishing line and a sticky hook that can be attached almost anywhere. We hung ours well out of reach above his crib and enjoyed it until we put a loft bed into the same space almost five years later. It still hangs in our stairwell waiting for me to find a better place to display it.

Djeco Mobile planes flights of fancy against wooden backdrop
I still enjoy looking at our airplane mobile.

The hanging art consists of sturdy plastic pieces that weigh next to nothing. Each shaped piece balances perfectly with other pieces branching off. The entire thing can spin and shift with the slightest breath of air. Unlike a lot of mobiles, it makes no noise and requires zero batteries. You hang it from the ceiling, instead of attaching it to the side of a crib or table. It can also be packed away flat in a very compact space should you ever need to store it.

Djeco mobile purple airplane with clouds hanging
Our mobile can brighten any space.

I’m almost tempted to hang ours over my own bed because I love it so much and it brings back such happy memories of my children’s younger days. I felt completely safe with the mobile near my child’s sleeping space, since even if it fell (it never did despite dramatic temperature fluctuations) it wouldn’t harm a flea. It also works great over changing tables to keep kids entertained and distract them from rolling. I’ve given these as gifts as well because I’ve been so happy with ours.

Djeco Flights of Fancy airplane paper mobile connected with wires
Our airplane theme includes the sun and clouds as well as various types of aircraft in an array of colors.

You can get these mobiles in different themes including clouds, carnival, nighttime, traffic, African savannah, woodlands, fishes, birds, butterflies, and many more.

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