Lightspeed Shade Tent

Lightspeed sport shetler pop up shade tent in blue set up in park

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Pop Up Perfection

Lightspeed sport shetler pop up shade tent in blue set up in park

  • What: Lightspeed Sun Shelter
  • When: Before birth until you can’t find it
  • Why: Keep cool, sets up in seconds, packable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a spot of shade at the park, beach, or even in your own backyard? Invest in a Lightspeed shade tent. It lives up to its name with super speedy set up.

Lightspeed Outdoor Sun Shelter with Clip Up Privacy Feature on Amazon

The Lightspeed shade tent sets up in seconds, even if you’ve never done it before. You remove it from the bag and let the poles flop to the ground. Then it pops up by pulling on some strings while holding the middle hub. The directions come printed on the material so you don’t need to worry about remembering a thing except the tent and your kids. Heck, you can enjoy this tent even without your kids. Once you set it up, it provides three sides of shelter with an open fourth side. The top canopy extends past the sides a bit to provide extra coverage. The bottom of the tent consists of a super durable thick tarp type material. Windows on all three sides include shades that can be closed, left open by rolling them down, or attached at only one side to maximize both your shade and visibility. It comes with stakes to keep the entire structure in place and prevent it from blowing away (or your kids from using it as a fun house).

Lightspeed sport shelter set up with chairs and belongings inside
Inside the tent can hold two full size chairs, as well as a bunch of other stuff or people in its shade.

Once you’re done, taking it down proves almost as easy as putting it up, and can be done quickly as well. You have to stuff the tent back into the included sack for carrying, which takes a bit longer than dumping it out.

Side view of Lightspeed shade tent set up
I have one window closed for extra shade and the other two open to catch the breeze in this set up. You can also see how the canopy extends past the front of the tent.

The Lightspeed Sun Shelter works great for car camping, though I wouldn’t haul the long carrying case on a backpacking trip. I can, however, carry this tent with ease over my shoulder or crossbody while pushing a stroller and holding onto another child.

view from inside a Lightspeed sun tent sport shelter window
The view from inside, with one window shade closed and one left open.

When we first got ours several years ago, I saw almost no one with the same product. Now I see them popping up everywhere. We will tell anyone who will listen how much we love it (and share our shade), and plenty of people ask after watching us set it up or take it down.

View looking out from LIghtspeed sport shelter next to river
The view from inside our Lightspeed shade tent set up next to a river. We had four adults lounging inside the shade created.

Our first Lightspeed shade tent broke and I replaced it as soon as possible. I don’t normally recommend products that break, but I made an exception for this tent. One of the joints in the legs that allows the tent to fold broke on our first version. Despite that lack of longevity (it lasted a couple summers), we invested in another one immediately because they come in so useful and handy, and because we live near a great park with almost no shade. Our original one had a slight advantage because it came with extra floor material that extended beyond the front of the tent. You could clip the material up to form a fourth side for extra privacy, as well as having a larger shaded area to lounge on when it laid flat in front. But you can achieve the same effect with any picnic blanket.

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