Highlights Kids Magazine

Highlight Skills with FunHighlights and High Five magazines fanned in stack

  • What: Highlights Kids magazines
  • When: Two to twelve years
  • Why: Educational, affordable, classic
  • Where: Amazon or online

What kid doesn’t like getting stuff in the mail? Perhaps you remember Highlights kid magazines from your own childhood. Guess what? In this digital age, they still make and distribute them. My in-laws signed our kids up last year, and they love it.

Highlights offers several levels of difficulty for a variety of readers. We get the easier and medium levels, more commonly known as Highlights, and High Five, for ages six to twelve years and two to six years respectively. My kids look forward to their arrival each time the magazines magically appear in the mailbox. Once I hand them over, they can look and read on their own, enjoying both the articles and the hidden pictures and other games and activities inside.

Table of contents from May 2018 Highlights children's magazine

A sample table of contents for HIghlights. Each magazines offers reading, puzzles, and activities.

Each Highlights magazine has 40 pages (36 pages for High Five issues) suitable for grade school kids. The activities help build both math and literacy skills like word recognition, letter sounds, and problem solving skills while emphasizing kindness, respect, and honesty. Best of all, Highlights come advertising free, just like always, so kids can focus on the important things without distractions.

Child reading Highlights magazine

My oldest son at age seven and half curled up with his issue of Highlights magazine.


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