Mommy’s Best Kisses

Snuggly Reading FunLast page from Mommy's best kisses board book by

  • What: Mommy’s Best Kisses board book
  • When: Birth to four years
  • Why: Sweet, sturdy,
  • Where: Amazon

Sit down with your nearest and dearest and snuggle up to read Mommy’s Best Kisses by Margaret Anastas.

This book highlights the way each mother animal kisses her babies, from elephants to giraffes. The sweet rhyming prose goes from tickles to wiggles, and lots in between. I liked to replicate each action on the specified body part. So when the books reads “I kiss your small hands as they reach for my face,” I kissed my child’s hands and stroked their face. The book ends with an extra special cuddle and a reminder of the joys of tomorrow for a great way to wind down the day.

I have oodles of fond memories of reading this book with each of my children, so much so that I’m having trouble parting with it even though they’ve mostly moved beyond it. It makes a great gift or addition to any nursery library.

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