Epinephrine Epiphany Continues

Epipen jr epinephrine auto injector allergic medication

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Healthcare Hurdles

Epipen jr epinephrine auto injector allergic medication
  • What: Epipen allergy medication
  • When: Refilling our prescription
  • Why: Severe nut allergies
  • Where: Our home

It took two more days for our pediatrician (And let’s be fair. Our actual assigned pediatrician is out of town on vacation, so someone else at the doctor’s office had to handle these requests.) to process our request for a refill for our son’s Epipen prescription. I only know it happened because the pharmacy called to let me know our prescription could be picked up.

Epipen Epinephrine junior auto injector out of case
Lucky for us, the window in the middle still looks clear, meaning our Epipen can still be used despite the expiration date.

Interestingly enough, the original pharmacy we had called on Monday was not the pharmacy that called to let us know we could pick up our medication. I still don’t know what happened, or how one pharmacy can call the pediatrician and trigger a refill request at an entirely different chain of stores. But I’m not about to complain. We walked away with the three boxes (each containing two Epipens, because you need both in case the first one doesn’t work during an allergic reaction) for $10 each. I have no idea how they did that math but I don’t care to instigate any sort of investigation that might mean we wait even longer to get the medication.

I’m so relieved to have one good prescription that I don’t think to ask where the other two might come from.

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