Best Books for Killing Time

1001 Things to Spot on Vacation book by Usborne

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Long Reads for Longer Fun

1001 Things to Spot on Vacation book by Usborne

  • What: Long reads for kids
  • When: Out and about or stuck at home
  • Why: You need to fill time
  • Where: With your child

Maybe your flight got delayed on the tarmac and you have to sit for two hours before takeoff. Or maybe you just need to polish off that last half hour before your spouse comes home from work. Either way, sometimes you need a book or two that will take up longer than average to finish reading. If so, check out some of the following selections.

Hide and Seek Things That Go look and find hardback book
A look and find books perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Look and Find Books: In look and find books, it can take ages to find everything on one page spread. Plus you can get them in almost any theme. Whether each page has a certain number of items or only one well hidden image, these books can eat up a lot of time in waiting rooms and other places.

Inside 1001 Things to Find in Fairyland book page
A look and find book from Usborne suitable for bigger kids as well as little guys.

Where’s Waldo? Books: A specific type of look and find book originally geared towards adults, kids of almost any age enjoy the challenge of spotting Waldo in all his travels. You can also complete the checklist for each page listed at the back of the book to use up even more time as needed.

Where's Waldo checklist at the end of the book of more things to find on each page
Need to use up even more time? Try the lists in the back of Where’s Waldo?.

Look Inside Flap Books: These flap books for older kids can take forever to read if you explore each flap. They also come from Usborne in a variety of themes to appeal to different kids’ interests. You can spend less time reading them if needed, but once you start reading everything, it’s hard to go back to the shortened version.

Look Inside Books 3
Each Look Inside book from Usborne features tons of flaps with even more text hidden beneath.

Compilation Books: These big books contain lots of shorter stories. I like that you can choose to read as many stories as you have time for, so they work for when time’s tight at bedtime or to shave off lots of extra minutes. Their heavier weights don’t lend themselves to packing easily, but they work well at home. Some even come with CDs so you don’t have to do the reading. Best of all, the ones from Usborne include two different texts, one at the top of the page, and one at the bottom. You can read just the text at the top to finish quicker for shorter attention spans or tighter timeframes. Or you can read all the words and the story makes sense both ways.

As shown in Usborne’s Farmyard Tales compilation, you can read only the text above the image. or all the text on each page, and as many individual stories as you need.

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