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Suitcases and bags stored inside bigger orange Orla Kiely suitcase

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Suitcases and bags stored inside bigger orange Orla Kiely suitcase

  • What: Finishing my to do list
  • When: Leaving for a big trip
  • Why: Someone has to do this stuff
  • Where: Our home

Packing Up My Unreasonable Expectations

It turns out, that I can hold down two unpaid jobs (and I don’t mean parenthood, either) and still manage to keep the household running and everyone alive and write a blog. But I can’t, in fact, get three weeks worth of blog posts written while planning and packing for a three week trip abroad, and organize an annual neighborhood party while simultaneously completing all the forms for the upcoming school year and any and all associated activities for three kids. Oh, and did I mention we’re undergoing a renovation? That works out great since we will be gone for a portion of the construction but it means we also have to have all the decisions made. Before we leave.

Bags piled on dresser in front of TV and curtains
The “before we leave” pile of stuff.

I don’t know what made me think I could do more in the same amount of time. Maybe it’s the crown I cracked on a Friday about an hour before the dentist closed for the weekend? Or the dog, who came down with his first ever ear infection. But I didn’t figure out why he kept tilting his head until about four hours after their weekend hours ended. I keep reminding myself that my kids don’t attend school for thirty hours a week during the summer, and my youngest no longer naps reliably when the big kids stay home all day. So I don’t know why I’m surprised I didn’t get more done in advance, when in actuality I have less time. Hello, summer. Welcome to fall. And every other season so far.

Orla Kiely orange large suitcase from Target line
My big (unpacked) suitcase, where I should be storing all my unreasonable expectations of myself.

I should pack my unreasonable expectations into a suitcase and tuck them away somewhere with the other things I can’t seem to locate for our trip.

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