More Sand Art

Color Clear ContainersColored sand layered in empty clear wine bottle by three year old

  • What: Colored sand in containers
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Create unique gifts
  • Where: Amazon

If you don’t want to invest in vats of colored sand for teeny tiny bottle art, you can always upgrade like we did. Once my kids finished their gifts for our big trip, we let them loose on full size wine bottles. All three kids needed two sittings to finish the bottle. Each one, despite their age range, made it about two thirds of the way through filling the bottle before needing a break, and coming back the next day to finish the job. We used bigger tools with the bottles, too, than with the tiny vials, upgrading to full size spoons from the baby spoons we had used with the smaller containers.

I suspect a water bottle might be the right size to fulfill their sand layering fantasies without wearing out in one sitting, but I have to admit I really love the wine bottle finished product. These would also make great gifts, if much larger, for teachers or other people that you don’t need to fly to visit.

Three wine bottles filled with layers of different colored sand by young children

My kids took two turns to fill these big wine bottles.

After 18 tiny vials and 3 big 750 mL bottles, some of our colors from the 22 ounce jars are almost gone.

Colored sand 22 oz jars mostly empty with sand remaining at bottom

We have a little sand leftover after our projects, some colors more than others.

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