Disposable Diaper Box Sorting

Organize Baby Clothes in Empty BoxesHuggies Size 1-2 empty diaper box sitting on stairs

  • What: Organize outgrown clothing
  • When: Birth until they outgrow diapers
  • Why: Store clothes, find them easier
  • Where: Your home

We all know I firmly believe in cloth diapers. But you may not know we used plenty of disposables, too. My husband did not get on board with cloth diapering the first time around, so we had plenty of spare disposable diapers even when without traveling.

Spare your parenting self some effort. You’ll have enough on your hands feeding and changing the baby, not to mention trying to grab some sleep for yourself, and they grow so fast at first. If you think you might have another child, or even if you just don’t want to trash all the clothes your baby has outgrown, try this simple ways to reuse those empty diaper boxes.

I left one diaper box in my child’s room and tossed clean clothes that had gotten too small into it whenever I came across them. So if I tried to put something on, and the onesie turned into a v-neck, I dropped it into the box. When it stopped going over his head, into the box it went. And when pants starting looking like capris in freezing weather, the box held those, too.

Five year old clothes overflowing Huggies disposable diaper box

Size 5T clothes don’t fit as well into disposable diaper boxes, but the boxes themselves have handled three kids’ worth of this kind of stuffing.

The genius behind this idea: the boxes come with a diaper size on them, and so I didn’t need to label the boxes. I simply knew the tiny newborn diaper box held newborn clothes, and the nine month clothes went nicely into the size 3 box. Since they need bigger diapers about the same time they need bigger clothes, it worked out great. And the second and third time around, all I had to do was unearth the box of appropriately sized clothes and dump them in the drawer, without wasting any time labeling or organizing further. (Full disclosure, by the third time around, I labeled the boxes with gender and season.)

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