Clown Fish Yard Decor

Floating Fish FancyClownfish swimming windsock yard art kite

  • What: Clownfish Windsock
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Entertaining, pleasant to watch, durable
  • Where: Amazon

We got this clownfish yard art for my daughter more than two years ago. It has lived outside in our front yard since the day she opened it on her birthday, and all the kids still love it.

The colors have faded some, but it moves just as freely as it did when we put it up. We installed ours in the front yard in view of our big picture window, so the kids could enjoy it even from inside the house. Now they spend more time interacting with it outside. We’ve hidden Easter eggs inside, fed it weeds, used it as part of games, and simply enjoyed watching it move with the wind. It can rotate freely 360 degrees around the main pole.

Clownfish windsock swimming in air yard decor on pole

My kids love to watch and interact with this moving clownfish.

The lightweight setup comes packed flat. The water resistant material is very durable, and holds up to both the weather and any abuse my kids dole out. You install it by shoving the vertical stick into the ground, which even I can manage to do, and now my kids can, too. Then you slide the loop over and attach the horizontal piece. One last hook onto the back of the clownfish and it will sail for years on end.

Clownfish windsock hook on fin

One small hook on the back of the fish allows it to move freely with the wind.

Ours has withstood wind, rain, snow, and heat in excess of 32 C (90 F). It’s been smushed, hit, served as a landing pad for falling kids, and who knows what else, but still swings freely. No squirrels or birds have molested it, and somehow it hasn’t even gotten pooped on by local wildlife (or anyone else). It takes up hardly any room in our yard but has brought much joy.

Clownfish close up windsock kite yard display

We love our friendly clownfish.

In case clownfish aren’t your kid’s thing, you can also get the same yard decor in other fish, such as Peacock Wrasse, Flame Fish, Angelfish, Fairly Basslet, Black & White Fish, Damsel Fish, Bass, or Powder Surgeon.

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