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  • What: Free coding exercises for all ages
  • When: Kids can use a mouse
  • Why: Build problem solving skills, free games
  • Where:

Looking to introduce your kid to the joys of coding? Or have they gone through every game you own and you still have four hours of darkness to kill before bedtime? Check out Two out of three of our kids love it, and the third would love it if he could figure it out. pre-reader first coding exercise for kids has exercises to learn the basics of code with no literacy skills required. requires minimal reading skills for the lowest levels. All the directions come with an audio file, so once your kid learns to click on the speaker to listen to instructions, they are all set. Each lesson includes a video introduction, so they can start coding without any prior knowledge of the subject.

While most of their lessons center around kids in elementary school through high school with a goal of increasing female and minorities in the field of computer science, the site offers some easy ways to get anyone started. Simply head to their website and click Start Learning, or take the video tour to learn more.

They have material geared towards K-5. grades 6-12, and university level, all for free in their Code Studio, including a Pre-reader Express set of activities.  Kids can learn to create their own app, game, or drawing using computer code. Even if your kids never program anything more complex than the cable recorder, it can’t hurt to have this stuff under their belt.

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