Magna-Tile Marvels

Magna-Tiles magnetic building blocks with Legos and pipe cleaner and felt cloth additions

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Multimedia Building Toys

Magna-Tiles magnetic building blocks with Legos and pipe cleaner and felt cloth additions

  • What: Magna-Tile magnetic building blocks
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Broad age appeal, durability, plays well with other toys
  • Where: Amazon

Our Magna-Tiles remain one of the most popular toys in our household. My three kids, ages 4, 6, and 8, fight over these magnet tiles on an almost daily basis, and we have enough to fill an entire bin.

Magna-Tiles 48 Piece Deluxe Set on Amazon

Magna-Tiles work with other toys, including everything from wooden train tracks and stuffed animals to Calico Critters and Legos of any size. My kids play with these tiles every single day they are home, and have done so since we got our first set more than 5 years ago. I’ve augmented our deluxe set once with a set of additional squares, and that’s been enough to build some amazing creations – if I can get the kids to agree long enough on what to build.

Magnetic tile creation with extras like Legos and art supplies
My kids’ latest creation using Magna-Tiles, Legos, and various art supplies like pipe cleaners and felt.

Although you pay a lot for the initial investment, the tiles hold up well. We’ve had exactly one tile break, and that was a small bit of plastic from the edge. While it bothers my kids from a tactile perspective, it still works just fine. I return it from the fix it box every so often without actually fixing it and wait until they notice it among the piles of tiles again.

Magna-Tiles Rectangle Expansion Set on Amazon

Their magnet tile creations can also withstand a lot of love and play. They can support other  Magna-Tiles as well as Lego creations, stuffed animals using them as homes, vehicles parked in Magna-Tile garages, and balls dropped into ball run creations made of Magna-Tiles. Only a rampaging dog, an errant robotic vacuum or an angry sibling bring them crashing down.

Magna-Tile garage creation with vehicles parked inside structure
The same creation from the opposite side, where you can spot the tail end of a combine harvester and a car transporter parked inside.

Which means they get to start all over again with another creation.

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