Richard Scarry Books

First page excerpt from Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go picture book

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Critter Cartoons for the Ages

First page excerpt from Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go picture book

  • What: Richard Scarry Books
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Classic, detailed picture books
  • Where: Amazon

Do you remember Ma and Pa and Penny and Pickles Pig? I definitely recall Lowly, Huckle, and Sally getting into some serious antics from my childhood reading. You can still get these classic tales from beloved author Richard Scarry and share the magic with your kids.

Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy Town book on Amazon

In a pickle and need to kill some time? Invest in one of these oversized picture books that will keep kids entertained with not only the story but the fun illustrations, like Mr. Frumbles and his pickle car. Or maybe your kids would prefer a banana or carrot car are more to your liking. Pencil cars and cheese cars and almost any other vehicle you can imagine, and some you can’t, abound in Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. You can’t steer wrong with this selection.

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go on Amazon

If you don’t have as much time, you can catch shorter forms of these favorites, from tiny books free with kids meals that fit easily into bags and strollers to board books with your favorite animals. You can even read your favorite fairy tale with an entire cast of Richard Scarry’s popular characters. These familiar characters come in books about letters, number, colors, and other important concepts, as well as books for fun.

Richard Scarry books in a stack including Cars and Truck and Things That Go, Hop Aboard, A Day at the Airport, and A Busy Day in Busytown
Scarry’s books come in all shapes and sizes.

Regardless of which edition and what size you choose, you and your child can enjoy them for years to come.

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