Super Wings Playset

Super Wings Pack N Go New York Playset with characters close up

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Take to the Skies Anywhere You Go

Super Wings Pack N Go New York Playset with characters close up
  • What: Super Wings Pack ‘N Go New York Playset
  • When: 2 – 8 years
  • Why: Compact, transportable fun
  • Where: Amazon

I don’t usually go for commercial character toys, though my kids love them to bits and pieces. But I make an exception for this packable playset featuring Super Wings.

Super wings Pack ‘N Go New York Playset on Amazon

My youngest child fell in love with Super Wings (thanks, older siblings). He couldn’t get enough of them. After he had collected all eight characters, he got this awesome playset as a gift. More than a year later, he still loves it.

Super wings Pack N Go New York Playset Unfolded
The box expands.

My son loves the different ramps and other moving features. The plastic box includes two spinning turntables for planes waiting to go down the runway, two runways, extendable pieces to set the scene like a skyscraper and lamppost, and a set of working doors that reveal Jett. Pressing on the Statue of Liberty will launch a plane down the runway thanks to a pop out button. It even comes with Jerome, the blue plane, so you have someone to launch.

Preschooler and child playing with Super Wings New York playset on board train
Both my sons enjoying the Super Wings playset on board the train.

I love it because the set packs up into a compact box. That not only makes it great for on the go playing, but also for storing easily. It can fit into a bin or box or even underneath furniture to stay out of the way. When kids are ready to play, at home or out and about, it unfolds and expands.

Super Wings Pack N Go New York playset with back open to reveal inside
The entire playset packs up into a compact box shape.

Editor’s Note: The Super Wings Playset has limited availability as of October 2018. Get one while you can, but don’t overpay. We got ours as gift at a reasonable price point, around $30.

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