Aquaphor on the Go

Serious Soothing in a Small SpaceAquaphor .35 oz on the go tube healing ointment skin protectant

  • What: Tiny tube of Aquaphor cream
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Multi-purpose, easy to carry
  • Where: Amazon

I firmly believe in Aquaphor at home, for everything from diaper rashes to skin injuries. It doesn’t sting, burn, or leave a residue on my kids’ clothes (or my own). As the cold weather season approaches, in a pinch, it easily doubles as chapstick for lips young and old. It will also do double duty as a cheek protector for little ones riding in the stroller with a cold wind blowing. It can soothe the worst of a scrape for older kids, and keep my hands moist after frequent washings and extreme temperature and humidity changes. It also works wonders on blisters on feet of any size, from wearing rain boots with no socks to those new shoes I just couldn’t resist buying for myself.

All in all, as much as I love having a tube at home, I love having one with me wherever I go more. So I always have a tiny tube in my bag. I carried it in my diaper bag back during our diapering days, and this item has made the transition into my everyday bag long after the diapers, spare clothes, toys, and wipes have fallen by the wayside. (The snacks are usually still in there, too.)

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