Magnet Tile Cars

Magna-Tile car with Beanie Boo stuffed animal riding inside

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Grease the Wheels of Creativity

Magna-Tile car with Beanie Boo stuffed animal riding inside

  • What: Magnet tile cars
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Affordable augmentation for your set of magnet tiles
  • Where: Amazon

If your kids love magnet tiles as much as mine, you might consider adding these magnet tile cars to your collection.

PicassoTiles 2 Piece Car Set on Amazon

Unlike most of the starter and expansion sets from Magna-Tile, this Picasso brand offers a lower price point that can’t be beat for these wheeled expansions. You can get two cars for under $10. The wheeled flat surfaces can hook together or act independently to create even more magnetic fun for a variety of ages.

PicassoTiles magnet cars with broken hooks and peg beside intact red car
Our blue PicassoTiles car has lost both connecting ends, while the red one has held up just fine.

Our cars don’t hold up quite as well as the original Magna-Tiles, but for the price point, they offer a lot of value. One of our cars has lost both the circle and peg connections on either end, leaving it with semi-sharp points instead. It won’t connect but my kids love it anyway and I’m happy to report no one besides the car itself has been injured.

Magna-Tile 2 Piece Car Expansion Set

If you prefer brand name durability, Magna-Tile brand cars come included in several sets, or you can buy a two pack for about twice the price of the PicassoTiles brands. They connect via magnets with no hooks or pegs necessary, so fewer parts can be broken.

Magna-Tiles green magnet car next to PicassoTiles red magnet car
Our green Magna-Tiles cars with magnetic car connections next to our red PicassoTiles car with hook and peg connections.

No matter which brand you choose, the extra wheels go a long way to facilitating more magnet tile fun.

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