Poke-a-dot Alphabet Book

Poke Fun at the AlphabetPoke-a-dot Alphabet Eye Spy I Spy board book with popping dots buttons

  • What: Poke-a-dot alphabet book
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Interactive,
  • Where: Amazon

Have you poked a dot lately? This alphabet board book has it all: educational content, look and find matching, and most important, interactive fun.

Each page features clear dots that can be poked. Pushing the dot flips the plastic into a dome depression. Then once you turn the page, the top of the dot points up, and kids can poke it down again for almost endless fun. Each letter has an animal that starts with the same letter seeking an item, also starting with that letter of the alphabet. For instance, Victor the vulture looks for a violin.

G and H letter page from Poke-a-dot Eye Spy board book by ikids

Each animal has a name that starts with the same letter of the alphabet as the item they want, which can be found on that page.

It provides excellent practice for alphabet sounds both audio and visual forms. The last few pages give a review of the entire alphabet without any distraction, with extra dots below each letter, just in case your child didn’t get enough poking on the previous pages.

Letter review at the end of Poke-a-dot Eye Spy board book

The last pages list the alphabet with a dot to poke underneath each letter.

Our book has been through at least five kids and almost all the dots still work. A couple will immediately pop back once kids poke them, but that seems reasonable given the amount of use we’ve gotten out of them. All three of my kids enjoy poking at this book.

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