My Quotable Kid

Record Memorable Kid CommentsMy Quotable Kid journal record funny sayings and quotes from Chronicle books

  • What: My Quotable Kid journal
  • When: As soon as they start talking until college
  • Why: Remember the funny sayings
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a way to remember all those gems your child spouts? If your baby tracking app doesn’t let you record these priceless pieces of wisdom, or even if it does, consider investing in this journal.

The book has lined pages where you can record the date, your child’s name, what they said, where they were, and any other notes. It collects all your precious memories and favorite family sayings in one place so you can torture them once they reach adulthood and at future milestone events. Plus, it means you don’t have to remember everything they say!

It makes a great gift for parents with kids just learning to talk as well as parents who have lots of years under their belt. Going back and reading the hilarious quotes can take the sting out of their other insults once they can really toss out some zingers, too. Of course you can use a regular notebook to achieve the same result if you prefer, but the price point isn’t much different for this fancy version.

You, too, can never forget when your child interrupts you on the potty to ask “Are you using poop mode?” as well as countless other gems from a lifetime.

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