Smartwool Socks for Kids

Smartwool toddler wool insulating socks in pink with blue stripes, toe, and heel

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Snug Feet Make for Happy Campers

Smartwool toddler wool insulating socks in pink with blue stripes, toe, and heel
  • What: Smartwool socks for kids
  • When: 6 months to adult
  • Why: Warm, wicking, durable
  • Where: Amazon, REI, and Smartwool

I find wool both itchy and scratchy, and have never been able to wear wool sweaters or other clothing. So imagine my surprise and delight to discover Smartwool socks don’t cause me any trouble. Even better, all three of my kids, even the ones with super sensitive skin, can wear this brand of wool socks. It even helps prevent their skin from breaking out, because they don’t end up with cold, wet feet.

Smartwool Kids’ Wintersport Stripe Socks on Amazon

Smartwool socks combine merino wool, nylon, and elastane to create a stretchy durable material with the warm properties of wool. I highly recommend Smartwool socks for trips to the beach in winter. Paired with a good pair of rain boots, they can keep feet comfy for hours on end no matter the conditions. Paired with snow boots, they work great for sledding, skiing, and other snow activities that might otherwise leave kids with their feet blistered and sweaty.

Smartwool wool socks for kids toddlers babies in pink with blue stripes
These thick socks will keep feet little and big snug and warm in wet or cold conditions.

These socks do run thick, so if you buy them for your kids, you’ll want a bit of extra room in their footwear. Shoes that are already getting tight might not be able to accommodate the extra thickness that helps these socks wick away moisture and keep feet insulated without overheating.

Smartwool Kids’ Light Hiking Socks on Amazon

Smartwool socks come in sizes 6 months, 12 months, (both under the baby bootie category), 24 months, and 3T for little ones (under the toddler bracket), and small, medium, and large bigger kid sizes. Smartwool makes socks in various lengths for any activity. You can also buy Smartwool socks to fit adults, both women and men. Despite the higher price point, I can often score some on sale, or buy multiple pairs for a discount.They hold up much better than regular socks, so they can be passed down to younger siblings or friends, too.

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