My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise child's gardening set kit fairy house tiny garden tools

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Growing Imaginations

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise child's gardening set with seeds tools and figurines

  • What: My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Safe, small, multiple use
  • Where: Amazon

If your child wants more than gardening tools, and prefers an actual garden, check out these fairy gardens. You may have spotted a fairy garden lurking in your neighborhood. Kids of all ages continue to love this trend of tiny gardens built for small scale visitors, and My Fairy Garden has one of the best kits to get your child started.

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise on Amazon

Our preschool introduced our kids (and me!) to this concept almost five years ago, and my daughter still loves these tiny decorated outdoor creations. So when she spotted this kit recently, she had to have it. Unable to wait for the next gift giving occasion, she saved up her money until she could afford it. She still loves tending it.

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise garden with few seeds sprouted
My daughter keeps her fairy garden outdoors.

This kit contains a base, a fairy house, a cave, a fairy, a unicorn, soil, tiny gardening tools, and seeds to get started. My daughter’s fairy and creatures have moved out of her garden and indoors for even more fun, but continue to visit as more things sprout.

My fairy garden unicorn paradise magical seed mix packet and tiny gardening tools
The gardening kit includes tiny tools as well as a seed packet.

This kit makes a great starter set for kids who want to try gardening. It can be set up inside or outside, and tended regularly for best results. Kids can add their own decorations and accessories to personalize this play set. We have also planted some additional mushrooms for even more fairy possibilities, and she’s moved slugs into it on multiple occasions.

Mushroom house with door open from My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise gardening play set
The door on the mushroom house opens and closes.

My child felt strongly about the unicorn included in this set, but the same company makes several other fairy garden kits at various price points, including a magical cottage, tree hollow, lily pond, and bean blossom, among many others. You can also buy additional figurines and critters to populate your garden, or to build your own creation. All pieces from the kits can be interchanged or combined to create even bigger fairy constructions with real growing plants.

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