Service Station Parking Garage Play Set

Melissa and Doug Service Station Parking Garage Play set with blue car going through car wash brushes

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Park, Pump, Wash and Play

Melissa and Doug Parking Garage Service Station wooden toy set with blue car parked on top deck
  • What: Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage
  • When: 2 to 6 years
  • Why: Wooden construction, compatible with other sets
  • Where: Amazon

Have you ever tried to find a toy car wash? My son loves car washes, but other than a few Hot Wheels or Matchbox plastic options, I haven’t had much luck finding him a play set.

Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage on Amazon

While we’ve built several out of gears, and Magna-Tiles, I wanted something more permanent. Then we found this service station play set. It comes with a drive thru car wash perfect for cars of various sizes (not just Hot Wheels!).

Melissa and Doug Service Station Parking Garage Play set with blue car going through car wash brushes
The back side of the play set features a car wash with sliding platform and moving brushes.

The moving conveyor belt can handle wider and taller cars, or smaller ones, too. It also features a gas station, an elevator to reach the parking garage on top, and two moving garage doors to allow access to the interior parking space below. It comes with two wooden cars, one blue and one red, complete with tiny holes to fill up at the gas station. Cars from other Melissa and Doug sets can also be used with this toy, and vice versa.

Melissa and Doug Service Station Car Wash gas parking garage with elevator with other cars not included in set
This play set can handle other Melissa and Doug cars as well as a variety of other sizes and shapes of vehicles.

My son has discovered that it works great for cleaning and parking his Beanie Boo friends, too. Despite only having owned it a few days, we’ve gotten lots of use out of it already, and it has gone everywhere with my four year old son, from friends’ houses to bed overnight. The sign on top makes a perfect handle for carrying around the house or further afield. If it lasts as long as the other Melissa & Doug vehicles we own, it will hold up to all this joy and excitement for years to come.

Beanie Boo dog Ty peeking out from blue garage door in Melissa Dough Service Station Parking Garage play set
One my son’s Beanie Boos peeking out from the moving garage doors.

Because it has no small pieces, it works great for younger kids, despite the three years and up recommendations from the manufacturer.

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