Farm to Feet Socks

Farm to Feet kids forest sock toe bed in black color

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Say No to Cold Feet

Farm to Feet kids forest sock toe bed in black color

  • What: Farm to Feet Socks
  • When: 2 years to adult
  • Why: Warm, durable, and less environmental impact
  • Where: Amazon or Farm to Feet

If you care about where your clothes come from, and also about the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, but want to keep your kids’ feet warm, look into Farm to Feet. This United States-based company sources everything domestically, from their materials to their manufacturers right down to their employees.

Farm to Feet Everyday Robot Crew Socks for kids on Amazon

These socks come in kids sizes, ranging from XS (toddler 6 – 8.5), small (9 – 11.5), medium (12 – 2.5) , and large (sizes 3 – 6 kids’ shoes). Not only do all the merino wool, nylon, and spandex come from the United States, but the entire manufacturing and distribution process stays in the country as well. By spending less on shipping products overseas, the company lowers their carbon footprint. The company also uses packaging and displays made entirely in the U.S., yet their prices stay competitive with other wool sock brands like Smartwool. The kids’ socks come in low cut, crew, and knee high lengths to suit any preference, though they make many styles for adults as well.

Farm to Feet kid socks lightweight crew in cabin and black forest designs
My son, who treats socks roughly, has yet to wear out any of his four.

Their kids’ lines include mostly lightweight but durable styles and colors that will last through more than one season for more than one kid. My oldest son still wears his first two pairs, and unlike his other socks, neither of them has sprouted any holes. They’ve been to the beach, skiing in the mountains, and everywhere in between and show very little wear, but prevent his feet from getting cold or blistered.

Farm to Feet kids cabin design red and black socks
These socks can even survive the dryer.

The care instructions say lay them flat to dry, but they’ve run through our dryer countless times and have held their shape and stretchiness without any changes noticeable to me or my picky eight year old.

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