Lush Solid Shampoo

Lush Cosmetics solid shampoo bar Karma variety in shampoo tin

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Luscious Hair Care on the Go

Lush Cosmetics solid shampoo bar Karma variety in shampoo tin

  • What: Lush Shampoo Bar
  • When: Showering away from home
  • Why: Portable, packable, dry
  • Where: Lush Cosmetics

Will you be traveling a lot during the holidays? Maybe you need a solid solution for quick trips to the gym or the pool. If so, this solid shampoo from Lush will work wonders for you, too.

Lush solid shampoo in Godiva scent sitting on shower shelf propped up on tin
Lush solid shampoo on shower shelf.

I’ve been a huge fan of Lush products for more than 15 years, and I still think their shampoo bar ranks as my favorite. Each one comes in a solid round circle. You can choose a variety of different types for different needs, ranging from water conditions to hair requirements.

Jumping Juniper Lush cosmetics shampoo bar
Each round shampoo bar fits easily into the palm of your hand.

Each round bar last for months, even with daily use. You wet your hair, rub on the bar, and lather up. I have never worried about this shampoo spilling in my luggage or bag, and it can be used until the last sliver without wasting any product. When I want to pack light, I take only a dry shampoo bar and no body wash, since it easily doubles as soap for the rest of me.

Lush dry shampoo solid bar in bag from store with directions included
Lush shampoo bars come with easy instructions.

All Lush products are made from natural ingredients never tested on animals. I’ve trusted their brand since long before I knew you could look cosmetics up on a database to find out safety rankings. Lush products have never upset my sensitive skin or scalp. I favor the Karma or Godiva types, but any associate can help you find a formula right for you (or a friend).

If you haven’t tried the solid shampoo before and want to go all out, grab a travel tin as well. You can easily store the shampoo bar in a plastic resealable bag, but I love the shiny tins for keeping them in one piece and making sure all the shampoo goes to my head.

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