Divided Plates for Decorating

Re-Play divided plate for toddlers recycled holding gingerbread house decorations

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Decorating Divided Into Easy Compartments

Re-Play divided plate for toddlers recycled holding gingerbread house decorations

  • What: Divided plates
  • When: Decorating cookies or gingerbread houses
  • Why: Keep small decorations contained
  • Where: Amazon

Maybe your toddler has grown up, and you don’t need those plates with different sections. But if you want to pass them along or toss them out, wait until after the holidays.

Re-Play 3 Pack of Divided Plates

Even for older kids, these divided plates make great containers for decorating cookies and gingerbread houses. They hold a reasonable amount of sprinkles, gum balls, candy, peppermints, and more. They also make a great place to lay down frosting, so any frosting that leaks out gets on the plate instead of on your table, placemats, tablecloths or worse.

Gingerbread house decorated with frosting and assorted candy
Corral the decorations for gingerbread houses.

Little hands and big ones alike can easily reach the goodies inside the separate compartments. Thanks to the wider shallow surface, everyone can see what they have left and pick accordingly. It also helps contain the mess when kids pick up tiny pieces, and prevents them from dumping an entire container in one spot.

Re-Play pack of 3 plates stacked with gingerbread house candy decorations inside
You can stack Re-Play plates even with the candy pieces inside, and store them for the next round of decorating.

For simplified festive decorating for any occasion with little ones helping out, pull out a divided plate filled with toppings and let them loose.

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