Sequin Stuffed Animals

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Reversible Sequin Huggable Critters

Adventure Planet sequinimals pink and purple reversible sequin stuffed snake
  • What: Reversible sequin stuffed animals
  • When: 1 year and up
  • Why: Fascinating, tactile fun, wide age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

Have you seen the sequin craze? You can buy almost anything with reversible sequins now, from clothing to pillows. Kids love flipping the sequins back and forth to reveal different designs and make patterns, so someone brilliant applied the same technique to stuffed animals.

Reversible Sequin T-Rex Dinosaur Plush on Amazon

You can get lots of options with reversible sequins. Two of my three kids have added Shimmeez, a particular brand of sequin stuffed toys, to their wish lists, and the third will take one if it happens to show up (though it doesn’t beat out the live animals or tiny Lego sets for priority).

Sequins reversed on Adventure Planet sequinimals stuffed snake pink purple
Our snake’s sequins switch from purple to silver.

But even if you don’t want one of the eight inch tall round animals that Shimmeez offers (pig, owl, lamb, unicorn, dog, and just to keep it interesting, narwhal) or the bigger 14 inch animals (bear, cat, and another unicorn and owl), you can get many other brand or types of animal. Have a kid who loves Beanie Boos? You can get them with reversible sequins. Grandkid loves snakes? We’ve got just the thing to give. How about a dinosaur? Dinosaurs sport sequins just as lovely as any other creature.

Shimmeez 8 Inch Sequin Plush Stuffed Animal on Amazon

Whatever you need, type in the name with reversible sequins and see what comes up. But I bet with the trend hitting a high point during the gift giving season, you can find lots of things with a flip side.

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