Best Gifts for Infants

Top Toys for Tiny Totsmusical egg shakers in blue red green and yellow in pile

  • What: Best gift for little ones
  • When: Birth to 6 months
  • Why: Safe, fun, long-lasting
  • Where: Amazon

Need good gift ideas for the youngest set on your list? Try one or more of these quality toys to please infants under six months old and their parents. And let’s face it. The babies won’t remember, but you can get in the good graces of their adults sooner rather than later.

Rainmaker Rattle: You can’t go wrong with a rainmaker rattle. Filled with tiny balls that would otherwise pose a choking hazard, these brightly colored bits come safe and snug inside a clear tube. When the tube gets turned upside down, the balls trickle through multiple layers to make a satisfying yet soothing noise that works to fascinate babies without irritating parents.

Skwish Toy: Skwish has a cult following for a reason. This toy features brightly colored (or natural depending on your preference) wooden balls connected with elastic bands, so the toy can be compacted into a bag. When released, it will pop back to its original spherical shape. The colored balls move along easy to grasp rods, and the entire thing makes a great teething toy.

Taggies: If you want a tactile toy, look no further than the Taggies brand. Once limited to small squares of soft material ringed on all edges with silky tags, these toys now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Look for animals, little blankets, little blankets with animal heads, books, balls, and more.

Blanket Bear Buddy: My son got a blanket in a bear for his first Christmas. Four years later, he still sleeps with it every night. The bear sports a zipper down the back, and the blanket rolls up to provide the inner stuffing. Older kids can use the bear to store a variety of treasures. Ours sometimes even still holds the blanket in the belly.

Little Giraffe Blankets: Little Giraffe makes the softest, thickest, plush blankets. If you don’t want to spring for the full size, the smaller 12 inch squares also come with their silky smooth edging on all sides.

Baby Deglingos: The multiple textures in Baby Deglingos appeal to little hands just learning to grasp, while the fun patterns and cute animals will please bigger members of the family.

Djeco Paper Mobiles: You can’t go wrong with these featherweight paper mobiles in a variety of themes. They hang with no hardware, making them a cinch to install in the baby’s room. And a big breath will get the pieces moving for babies to watch while laying down for changing, playing, or just hanging out.

Egg Shakers: Get your little one started off right with a musical instrument safe for all ages. These egg shaped shakers fit easily into little hands, and make a pleasing rattle sound when moved. The bright colors appeal to little ones, and they can be rolled for even more fun.

Baby Legs: Little legs need lots of love, and what better way to give it to them than a pair of Baby Legs? You don’t have to fret over the correct sizing, and kids can wear them for months or more. Plus, they work great for traveling and quick diaper changes on the go.

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