Reversible Wrapping Paper

Costco rolls of reversible Christmas and all occasion wrapping paper

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Keep Your Options Open

Costco rolls of reversible Christmas and all occasion wrapping paper

  • What: Reversible wrapping paper
  • When: Gift giving occasions
  • Why: Multipurpose, requires less storage space
  • Where: Costco or Amazon

I have been known to wrap birthday presents in Christmas paper – before I discovered the marvel of reversible wrapping paper. You can buy giant rolls of two-sided paper at Costco. And if you get the right kind, one side works wonders for the holidays, and the other side will cover you for almost all other gift giving occasions throughout the year.

Hallmark Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper Bundle of 3 on Amazon

I like the Costco brand. It cuts easily with a pair of scissors sliding along, and holds up well to kids “helping” wrap. It offers plenty of thickness without being so thick it doesn’t fold easily. Each side has a different print, and neither one shows through to the other side even when pulled taunt. Plus, the giant roll lasts nearly forever. I have three kids and tons of presents to wrap and I still can’t use an entire roll in one holiday season.

Costco three giant rolls of reversible wrapping paper on rolls
Three giant rolls of wrapping paper from Costco, with more generic prints on the reverse side, for a total of six patterns.

As an added bonus, while you might still run out of wrapping paper for that last minute birthday party, at least you will know you need more. Unlike my giant closet of wrapping material that crashed every time I opened the door, yet I had nothing but Christmas paper from one end to the other. I had nowhere to store birthday themed paper and never had any when it came time to wrap for any other occasion.

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