Best Books for Infants

Books for BabiesBright Baby First Words board book cover by Roger Priddy showing an orange fish on a turquoise background

  • What: Best books for babies
  • When: Birth to twelve months
  • Why: Sturdy, affordable, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Indestructible Books: Even the youngest readers can enjoy these pages. Made of a super sturdy waterproof yet flexible material, the pages can be chewed, pulled, or folded without damage. The super lightweight material packs easily for use on the go, and holds up well at home, too. The low price point means you can buy more than one.

Finger Puppet Books: These chunky board books come with built in finger puppets to fascinate little ones. Simple rhyming text and fuzzy three dimensional creatures make these popular with young ones. Pick from a variety of holiday and animal themes to delight your infant.

I Love You Through and Through: There’s nothing sweeter than a parent’s unconditional love, and this book comes with such sweet reminders. Cartoon illustrations and loads of reassurances soothe kids and adults alike that no matter how rough the day, the love shines through from me to you.

Bright Baby Books: I have never met a baby who didn’t love Roger Priddy’s bright backgrounds paired with photo illustrations. Each page features simple black text and sturdy pages hold up to multiple readings over and over again.

First 100 Books: If you want more text and pictures, grab a 100 First books. The variety of themes, from vehicles to animals, will satisfy any growing brain. And kids can enjoy the pictures loaded onto each page, making these compact books great for traveling with infants and shorter attention spans.

Mommy’s Best Kisses: Last but far from least, Mommy’s best kisses can’t be beat. Featuring a variety of animal families showing affection for their young, this sweet routine outshines the competition and remains one of my top favorites. Better yet, not every parent has a copy, though every one should, making it a great gift that keeps on giving.

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