Wrapping Remedies

Present wrapped in packing paper decorated by young child

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Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Present wrapped in packing paper decorated by young child

  • What: Packing paper for wrapping gifts
  • When: 12 months to college
  • Why: Affordable, multi purpose
  • Where: Amazon

Tired of wrapping gifts only to have the paper ripped and tossed aside three seconds later? Need a way to entertain or involve your kids in the gift giving process? Invest in a stack of plain packing paper, the kind meant for moving. We had a box leftover from our last move many years ago, and once I had kids who could hold a crayon, I put them to work.

Newsprint Packing Paper 5.5 lbs on Amazon

The paper looks much more personal and the kids love decorating. A few stamps, stickers, crayons, markers, or any other craft supplies will get it looking just right in no time. Recipients will appreciate the extra effort and you will appreciate the extra time while your kids decorate.

Kids can color the paper before you wrap, but I often let them loose after I complete the wrapping portion. I learned that tip through trial and error. Not only does it guarantee the paper will fit the package, but it also means their hard work doesn’t end up hidden with only blank spaces shown off.  Large sheets will cover most presents, and if needed, you can put two together to cover bigger gifts.

Preschooler decorating gift wrapped in packing paper
My son decorating the packing paper on a gift.

Tie a couple of ribbons around the whole thing once they finish and you’ll be good to go for almost any gift giving occasion. This method also works great in a pinch if you run out of the regular printed paper for wrapping presents. Plus, you can use the paper anytime for art projects in between holidays and birthdays, not to mention packing precious objects.

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