Top Toys for 6-12 Months

Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks displayed in store on shelf in Ukranian, Vietnamese, and English

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Better Toys for Bigger Babies

Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks displayed in store on shelf in Ukranian, Vietnamese, and English
  • What: Top Toys for Older Babies
  • When: 6 to 12 months
  • Why: Safe, durable, wide age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

Have your youngest guests gotten past the rolling over and grasping stage, but still aren’t quite ready for toys with tiny pieces? Check out these toys great for kids who can sit up, but aren’t yet stable on their feet. As an added bonus, most will last well beyond the toddling stage.

My First Laptop: If you want a solid toy at an even better value, track down one of these little laptops. Each one has multiple modes that reinforce letters, colors, and music without irritating nearby grownups. The big buttons and bright colors attract little hands and the interactive sounds and lights keep them interested.

VTech Baby’s First Learning Laptop in blue on Amazon

Piggy Bank Toy: This round pink pig and ten brightly colored plastic coins will have little hands exploring. Coins go in a slot, and depending on the mode, the pig counts, recites colors, or plays music. The clear door on the side opens up to empty the coins, and the nose provides even more interactive fun. Plus you can start kids with a positive experience of putting money in the bank.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank on Amazon

Better Buckets: If you want to avoid plastic or toys with batteries, kids love buckets. These buckets outlast others, and can be gifted alone, or stuffed with even more goodies to make excellent gift sets. Start with shovels and sand toys for outdoor fun or go with bubbles, art supplies, or almost anything else for guaranteed fun. But the bucket will remain the biggest hit.

Spielstabil Small Sand Pails on Amazon

Uncle Goose Blocks: These solid wooden blocks come in more than 20 languages. Even if your little one can’t read, it can help reinforce language learning. They work great to stack, crash, and count, and will last for years to come. Plus the materials and paint make them safe for even the littlest hands (and mouths).

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks on Amazon

Stack and Roll Cups: Stacking and nesting toys or a ball? Get both in one affordable set with this option from Fisher Price. The bowls can be stacked, nested, or combined to create different sized balls. The hardy plastic holds up well to multiple kids and all sorts of sensory play, from sand to water and back home again.

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups on Amazon


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