Winnie and Jean Book

Have You Seen Winnie and Jean?Have You Seen Winnie and Jean? front cover picture book by E.B. McHenry

  • What: Have You Seen Winnie and Jean? by E.B. McHenry
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Cute, reassuring read
  • Where: Amazon

Have you seen Winnie and Jean?  If not, grab a copy of this sweet story soon. It features the antics of two mischievous corgis out for adventure.

Winnie and Jean wear matching jackets of green, and many more rhymes await in this fun tale of two pet pals gone missing. Authorities track the pair from one place to another in a hunt to reunite the dogs with their children, who wait anxiously at home. Find out how all the adventure ends in this tale with a twist.

Back cover of Has Anyone Seen Winnie and Jean? picture book

Winnie and Jean leave behind two very concerned kids in this tale.

We got our copy as a gift years ago and still enjoy sharing it with each other and friends. Winnie and Jean may not be seen by their owners, but kids and adults alike will get a kick out of spotting them as they traipse all over the city and beyond.

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