Forget Perfect

Be Your Best SelfForget Perfect self help book cover by Lisa Earle McLeod

  • What: Forget Perfect by Lisa Earle McLeod
  • When: Before birth to after college
  • Why: Change your approach
  • Where: Amazon

While this book offers more self advice, I’d still recommend it to any new or imminent parent. It addresses a need (particularly strong in some females, though I won’t name any names or point any fingers), to not only compete, but to complete any given task perfectly.

Parenthood is no exception. If you dream of lazy days snuggling with your infant, I sincerely hope you remember that, and none of the sagging body parts or leaking orifices. But just in case, read this book before your ability to concentrate escapes you.

Author Lisa McLeod recommends forgetting about the perfect situation. Instead of saving your nice clothes for special occasions, pull them out any time you feel like it. Instead of ending up with a closet of clothes you love but have never worn, you end up with well-worn favorites imbued with memories. She also recommends dropping the stuff we feel compelled to do but that has no bearing on our happiness from our to do list. Laundry and cooking topping that list may have something to do with why I love her advice so much.

Exceprt from Forget Perfect book by LIsa Earle McLeod

The book makes for quick reading.

For me, the takeaway of the reality will never be quite what I pictured in my ideal world applies to my kids, too. While I can’t make them act or have them think the way I want them to do those things, I can still appreciate the little things that make each of them their own individuals. Instead of focusing on the lost socks and half-eaten lunches, I can whip out some afternoon magic, even if the day hasn’t been what I had hoped or expected.

Sit down, grab a drink of your choosing, and get ready to change your outlook on life. Forget perfect, and grab what you have, and everyone in the household ends up happier. I think it’s time I did a little re-reading myself.

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